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Journal Article

Family location and caregiving patterns from an international perspective


Publication date

27 Jun 2012


We conduct a cross-national econometric analysis of intra-family location and caregiving patterns. Using European data, we first assess, from an international perspective, the relationship between family structure and the geographic proximity between adult children and their parents. We then examine whether differences in family structure are related to the amount of informal care adult children provide to their elderly parents. Lastly, we look for cross-country differences in family location and caregiving patterns, and interpret observed differences in terms of heterogeneous institutional solutions to elderly care. Our results not only provide a new empirical perspective on the geography of the family, but also provide insights into how family-related and institutional factors shape patterns of time transfers from adult children to elderly parents.

Published in

Population and Development Review

Volume and page numbers

38 , 337 -351





Older People, Geography, and Caregiving



Albert Sloman Library Periodicals *restricted to Univ. Essex registered users*

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