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Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2012


Publication date

26 Nov 2012


Monitoring poverty and social exclusion is a regular, independent assessment of progress in tackling poverty and other forms of disadvantage across the United Kingdom.
The report uses official data from a range of sources to look at trends and patterns across different indicators. It includes analysis of low income, unemployment, low pay, homelessness, and ill-health.
For the first time, this report is able to look at the impacts of the current Government’s policies on poverty and exclusion. Additionally, this year there is a chapter looking at welfare reform – who will be affected and what the impacts will be. The report also looks more closely at disability, as disabled people are likely to be affected by reforms to the welfare system.
As well as looking closely at these recent changes, the report also looks back at long-term changes. In order to give us a better understanding of the levels of poverty and exclusion today, there are indicators that go back over several decades. In so doing, we get a better understanding of the changing nature of poverty in the UK.
This report is the fifteenth in the series. A valuable resource for researchers and policy-makers alike, by looking at past trends, it aims to better illuminate the challenges of tackling poverty in the coming years.


Social Exclusion and Poverty



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