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Journal Article

A web-based tool for adjusting costs to a specific target currency and price year


Publication date

30 Jan 2010


Objective: To develop a web-based tool to automate the adjustment of estimates of costs drawn from previously published or unpublished studies to a specified target currency and price year.
Methods: A web-based tool was programmed using C#, utilising GDP deflator index values and Purchasing Power Parities conversion rates produced by the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
Results: Version 1.0 is available at
Conclusions: The tool can be used as a first-line approach to cost adjustment in non-healthcare applications and as an optional approach in healthcare applications when use of more sophisticated methods is not feasible.

Published in

Evidence & Policy

Volume and page numbers

6 , 51 -60


Not held ASL.


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