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British Household Panel Survey; Derived Current and Annual Net Household Income Variables, Waves 1-12, 1991-2003

Publication date

30 Jun 2004


This dataset provides derived net income variables for BHPS waves 1-12. It is an unofficial supplement to the set of derived income variables in the official BHPS release (which focus on gross income rather than net income). The purpose of these additional files is to provide an analysis of income and poverty dynamics in Britain, and related topics.
The aim of the research was to produce a longitudinal complement to the cross-section income distribution information provided by the Department of Social Security's Households Below Average Income (HBAI) reports, and to this end the HBAI definition of net income (DSS 1993) has been closely adhered to. Also included are BHPS versions of HBAI family type and economic status variables.
This release of derived net income variables implies no specific commitment by the authors, or by the Research Centre on Micro-Social Change to provide similar variables for subsequent BHPS waves.
It is recommended that these data are used in conjunction with the main BHPS dataset.


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