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Conference Paper Information, Communication, Society Seminar

The Value of Mixed Method Longitudinal Panel Studies in ICT research: transitions in and out of 'ICT poverty' as a case in point


Publication date

15 Sep 2003


The paper discusses the specific policy and commercial implications of the analysis of ICT transitions and the implications of longitudinal mixed method programmes for 'research strategy' and funding. The paper calls for more emphasis to be placed on this approach in future studies whilst acknowledging that such efforts are complex, difficult to manage and expensive. However if getting answers to the important questions requires such ambitions then seeing the cost as more significant than the value is a short cut only to ignorance. In the context of the growing demand for evidence based public policy and commercial decision making, this can no longer be acceptable.

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  1. The value of mixed-method longitudinal panel studies in ICT research: transitions in and out of 'ICT poverty' as a case in point

    Ben Anderson


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