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Conference Paper International Association for Research on Income and Wealth Conference

Correlates of Obtaining Informed Consent to Data Linkage: Respondent, Interview and Interviewer Characteristics


Publication date

22 Aug 2010


In the UK, in order to link individual-level administrative records to survey responses, a respondent needs to give their written consent. This paper explores whether characteristics of the respondent, the interviewer or survey design features influence consent. We use the BHPS combined with a survey of interviewers to model the probability that respondents consent to adding health and social security records to their survey responses. We find that some respondent characteristics and characteristics of the interview process within the household matter. By contrast, interviewer characteristics, including personality and attitudes to persuading respondents, are not associated with consent.

Related publications

  1. Correlates of obtaining informed consent to data linkage: respondent, interview and interviewer characteristics

    Emanuela Sala, Jonathan Burton, and Gundi Knies


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