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International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences


Paul Baltes and Neil Smelser

Publication date

23 Nov 2001


The Encyclopedia is the first attempt in a generation to map the social and behavioral sciences on a grand scale. On its publication in 2001, it will be the largest reference work ever published for the social and behavioral sciences and the first to appear in both print and electronic format. In its printed edition, the text will run to 24 volumes plus 2 index volumes. It will be alphabetically organized and extensively cross-referenced throughout and will be supported by a comprehensive name index and multi-level, hierarchical subject index. It will also include a classified list of entries. The electronic edition will offer all of this and much more: the vast database of articles will be enhanced by flexible search-and-retrieval facilities and by a rich variety of electronic reference links. Every article in the electronic edition will be supported by an abstract prepared specifically for the online publication. These abstracts will be posted to this website as they become available, offering an extended preview of the content of the Encyclopedia in advance of full publication. With annual updates planned for release from 2003, the online version of the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences will be a dynamic resource for students and faculty alike.


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