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Social Conceptions of Time: structure and process in work and everyday life


Graham Crow and Sue Heath

Publication date

01 Aug 2002


This book is concerned with the significance of time in work and everyday life. The contributors are among the foremost authorities in the field, and their up-to-date contributions consider the changing social meanings that time has in work, leisure and everyday routines. The book's chapters are grouped into three sections, concerned with the political economy of time, work time, and time in everyday life. Together they provide a combination of theoretical and empirically based approaches that reveal the social significance of time in all aspects of our everyday lives. They have particular relevance to current debates about the balance that people strike between work and other aspects of their lives, and the related debates about whether the pace of life is speeding up. The book will be of interest to a wide range of readers in sociology and other social science disciplines, as well as to lay readers.


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