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Rights: sociological perspectives


Lydia Morris

Publication date

21 Feb 2006


This pioneering new book suggests how different traditions of sociological thought can contribute to an understanding of the theory and practice of rights. It provides a sociological treatment of a wide range of substantive issues but never loses sight of key theoretical questions. This book: considers some varied cases of public intervention, including welfare, caring, mental health provisions, pensions, justice and free speech, alongside the rights issues they raise; and examines the question of rights from the point of view of distinctive population groups, such as prisoners and victims, women, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, and lesbians and gays. A key strength of the book lies in its detailed presentation and analysis of different aspects of rights, and in the exploration of a variety of analytical perspectives. Rights are seen not in terms of ethical certainty but as the product of social processes, and part of shifting terrain which is open to negotiation. Including a theoretical critique of existing perspectives, 'Rights: Sociological Perspectives' offers a diverse and detailed exploration of the contribution, sociological thought can make to this increasingly important aspect of social life and will be an invaluable aid to students.


Not held in Library. Copies held at ASL, and online at ASL (Netlibrary) - /


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