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Book Chapter Broadband Applications and The Digital Home 10

Digital Living: people-centred innovation and strategy



Simon Garrett and John Turnbull

Publication date

13 Dec 2002


This paper provides a summary of a research programme at BTexact Technologies which is aimed at helping a technology innovation company to ground its innovations, to see opportunities for the exploitation of its technologies and to create sociotechnical visions which can help to drive technological innovation itself. As a by-product, the programme has also created strategic knowledge that is of critical importance to public and private policy/decision makers alike. This research is a key part of BTexact Technologies' approach to the creation of and response to disruptive technologies. Understanding 'usage by people' is absolutely critical to figuring out what is disruptive about technologies, why this is so, and therefore how to make money out of them. Since this is critical to several of BTexact's core competencies (and to those of its customers), the value of the research reported here is self-evident both to BTexact and to its customers. Without it, they will only ever make money by accident, a strategy that is not likely to amuse shareholders.


Ch. not on CSText. Book not held.

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