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Health at older ages: the causes and consequences of declining disability among the elderly


David M. Cutler and David A. Wise

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Americans are living longer - and staying healthier longer - than ever before. Despite the rapid disappearance of pensions and health-care benefits for retirees, older people are healthier and better off than they were twenty years ago. In 'Health at Older Ages', a distinguished team of economists analyzes the foundations of disability decline, quantifies this phenomenon in economic terms, and proposes what might be done to accelerate future improvements in the health of our most elderly populations.This breakthrough volume argues that educational attainment, high socioeconomic status, an older retirement age, and accessible medical care have improved the health and quality of life of seniors. Along the way, it outlines the economic benefits of disability decline, such as an increased percentage of seniors in the workplace, relief for the health-care system and care-giving families, and reduced medical expenses for the elderly themselves. 'Health at Older Ages' will be an essential contribution to the debate about meeting the medical needs of an aging nation.


Older People and Health


NBER Disability Conference, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, October 2004; not held in Res Lib - bibliographic reference only


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