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Regional futures and neighbourhood realities


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How do people in different regions view the concept of ‘neighbourhood’? Can you forecast the characteristics of various types of neighbourhood in the future? Are there certain areas that are friendlier than others? What will be the impact of economic globalisation on demand for housing? And what will this all mean for housing associations in the years up to 2010?
This book starts to answer these and a huge range of the questions that have never been addressed in previous studies. Commissioned by the National Housing Federation as part of the ‘iN business for neighbourhoods’ initiative, the work draws on untapped data from the British Household Panel Survey to track the housing responses of people in different regions through the stages of their lives.
Incorporating a compendium of individual case studies and models of ‘composite communities’ it will give government, academics, analysts and social observers an original insight into how the ‘new localism’ agenda can appear on the ground.


Area Effects, Demography, and Housing Market


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