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Understanding the risks of social exclusion across the life course: youth and young adulthood. A research report for the Social Exclusion Task Force, Cabinet Office


Publication date

01 Jul 2009


The Understanding the Risks of Social Exclusion Across the Life Course research project comprises four studies that map the risk of social exclusion among people and families at key life stages.
This new research from the Universities of Bristol and York and from the National Centre for Social Research explores the risks of social exclusion among people and families across four key life stages:
* Children and families
* Youth and young adulthood
* Working age without dependent children
* Older age
The research uses an innovative approach to gain insights into the different triggers and risks that can lead to social exclusion. Understanding who experiences these risks and how they can impact on the lives of individuals and families is vitally important for improving public services. Findings from the research will be used to help policy makers and service providers to better identify those most in need of help. These studies provide further evidence supporting the Government’s drive to deliver more personalised and responsive public services.
The reports were commissioned by the Social Exclusion Task Force in the Cabinet Office and examined risk markers of social exclusion using a new analytical framework - the Bristol Social Exclusion Matrix - developed by researchers at the University of Bristol.
These reports describe findings from analysis of the risks of social exclusion across the life course. They are not a statement of Government policy.


Social Exclusion, Young People, and Social Policy



Checking BHPS 2009 conf paper, and found this. Searched Cabinet Office website - not great! JCI 21/09/09


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