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Research Paper EHRC Research Report Series 8

Mobility, careers and inequalities. A study of work-life mobility and the returns from education


Publication date

01 Dec 2008


Drawing both on an extensive literature review and our own analysis of work life mobility between 1991 and 2005, we show that inequalities in the prospects of different equality groups are more marked for younger workers. Policy makers should not be complacent that long standing inequalities are being eroded. More attention needs to be directed to how such inequalities can become more entrenched even in the outlawing of formal discrimination. We argue that the indirect effects of technology, employment sector, educational qualifications and training all need to be factored into an understanding of patterns of work life mobility.


Social Groups, Education, and Labour Market


Related publications

  1. Career chances for working-class 'no better now than 30 years ago'

    Andrew Miles, Anna Shroeder, Mike Savage, et al.


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