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The singleton society. Targeting the Bridget Jones generation

Publication date

01 May 2008


Because of shifting demographics and consumer lifestyle changes, Singletons are a growing demographic in the UK. This group of people, although chiefly in their 20s and 30s is not limited to the younger age bracket. They are present across all demographics. Because they are single, they have more time to spend on themselves and can spend their disposable income rather than having to divide it among a family. As such they represent a lucrative segment for brands and marketers. This analysis will attempt to define who this segment actually is in order to consider whether a sociologically meaningful category is at work here. Is being single a life stage or a lifestyle choice? How have Singletons’ identities and attitudes evolved? What kinds of lives do they now lead and what motivates their consumption choices? We will also explore whether we live in a singlist society and what the potential is for brands to counteract this effect?


Demography, Social Change, and Family Formation And Dissolution


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