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Financial implications of death of a partner


Publication date

01 Dec 2008


This research report investigates the economic and financial consequences of bereavement for a surviving spouse or partner and their household, using a mixed methods, prospective design. The study involves a quantitative element based on longitudinal analysis of the British Household Panel Survey, and a qualitative element comprising personal interviews with people at different life stages whose partner has died.
The research will contribute to debate about personal responsibility for financial affairs, and institutional arrangements that shape the financial impact of bereavement.
Findings will:
* have implications for social security, tax, pensions, housing and legal matters
* inform the development of bereavement support and financial advice services
* be directly relevant to the role of primary health and social care
The main report is accompanied by:
* Appendices A-F: Design, research methods and instruments
* Annexes to chapters 3-6: Statistical data and analysis


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