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Patterns and trends in part-time adult education participation in relation to UK nation, class, place of participation, gender, age and disability, 1998-2003


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Analysis of data from six years of the British Household Panel Survey (1998-2003) has been used to look at variances in take-up of part time learning opportunities by adults over time in the UK and, separately, by its four constituent nations. The paper provides a useful backdrop of 'facts and figures' on patterns of take-up in part time education and training over the first six years of Labour Governments. Whilst the home-international comparisons show differences in terms of general levels of participation they show similar patterns of participation along gender and class lines. Apart from evidencing a steep upturn in the take-up of home-based learning amongst women, a persistent finding was how little had changed over this six year period in terms of removing barriers that position some as disadvantaged and others as advantaged.

Published in

International Journal of Lifelong Education


26 (4):399-418


Area Effects and Education


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