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Research Paper Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social Science Researchers Working Papers 2006-2

The British Household Panel Survey: introduction to a longitudinal data resource


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These notes are written by a BHPS user and are intended to familiarise social scientists with the survey resource, to introduce the main practical issues as they are typically experienced by researchers new to the survey, and to provide some brief examples of analyses using the BHPS over a range of its data resources. These notes use a relatively informal style and readers should note that they have not been ‘officially’ endorsed by the primary data producers or suppliers of the BHPS, the ISER/ULSC and UK Data Archive at the University of Essex.


Survey Methodology and Surveys



Comments on survey and data quality; working paper; Prepared under funding from the ESRC Research Development Initiative training programme 'Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social Science Researchers', grant ref. PTA-035-25-0042


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