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50 years of saving: yesterday, today and tomorrow: a research report for National Savings and Investments

Publication date

01 Jul 2007


As part of NS&I's continuing research of savings behaviour in the UK, the Future Foundation has been commissioned to undertake a study covering a century of saving - 1957, 2007 and 2057.
This study combines historical depth - illustrating the impact of the huge social and economic changes of the past half-century upon savings behaviour, and long-term futurology - illustrating that changes we will see over the next fifty years are likely to be equally profound.
This report illustrates how useful the long-term perspective can be - it shows not only that the way we save is changing, but also that saving itself is a dynamic social phenomenon - the very purpose and meaning of saving is changing profoundly too. By placing this analysis at the centre of a century of change, these deeper dynamics are revealed.


History, Income Dynamics, Savings And Assets, Household Economics, and Finance


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