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Conference Paper BHPS-2007 Conference: the 2007 British Household Panel Survey Research Conference, 5 July -7 July 2007, Colchester, UK

Civic participation in Britain, 2003-4 -abstract-


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The contemporary process of civilization has dramatically enhanced the importance of social capital, broadly, social networks and the corresponding reciprocities. The Putnam’s influential study has been introduced into a variety of disciplines globally. However, the use of quantitative methods in this field is controversial. This paper will focus on one of the three dimensions of social capital and seeks to explain the relationship between civic participation and other socioeconomic attributes of British residents by analyzing BHPS wave 13 at both individual and household level. The statistical model we build includes OLS regression and logistic regression. Furthermore, we shall establish a framework of civic engagement in Britain using path analysis and a linkage to the other two dimensions of social capital.


Social Networks, Citizenship, and Social Capital



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