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Research Paper Department for Work and Pensions Working Paper Series 25

The consistency and reliability of the activity history data in the Families and Children Study


Publication date

01 Dec 2005


The purpose of this report is to examine the consistency and reliability of the activity history data collected in the Families and Children's Study (FACS). Using data from the first five waves of FACS and from the first thirteen waves of the British Household Panel Study (BHPS) as a comparison survey, carefully matched samples have been analysed to calibrate the completeness and consistency of the activity history data collected in FACS and to test whether FACS generates labour market statistics similar to the comparison survey. The analysis has two important purposes. First, for the intellectual objective of understanding any problems inherent in the method of collection of this type of data. Second, for the practical purpose in enabling future users of FACS to understand potential problems within the data and how they might be addressed.



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