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Research Paper Working Papers of the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change 97-02

Women and social class: towards a more complete picture


Publication date

01 Mar 1997


This paper addresses the debate on class and gender by focusing on the inter-connections between social class, occupational sex segregation, sector and gender, and therefore structural features that are seen as partly independent, partly inter-connected, sources of social inequality. The empirical analyses - based on data from a British survey - address various differences in market and work situations within social class categories, and interesting within-class differences are found. The results give clear evidence that social class structures are fractionalised by occupational sex segregation, as well as by public/private sector divisions. Gender affects standing within these structures, and introducing women into class analyses reveals both a more complex form and a more complete picture of social stratification within modern societies.


Labour Market, Households, and Social Stratification


working paper

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