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Research Paper Working Papers of the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change 03

Sample design issues in a panel survey: the case of the British Household Panel Study -BHPS working paper-


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A.P.M. Coxon

Publication date

01 Jun 1991


Demography and Survey Methodology


This paper contains a discussion of the debate over the sample design of the BHPS, the most contentious aspect of the whole research design. The paper includes a summary (by A.P.M. Coxon, Louise Corti and David Rose) of the debate which took place in the Centre's Design Advisory Group and its final resolution, together with papers from Richard Davies and Robert Crouchley, arguing for a simple random sample on analytic grounds; Tim Holt, Chris Skinner and Fred Smith, arguing for a more eclectic approach; and Barry Hedges on the costs and consequences of different designs.; working paper; PDF available - please see library staff


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