Rethinking the boundaries of methods in health and social science research: MethodsCon 13/14 September

MethodsCon is a wholly in-person event that will take place over two days in Manchester (UK) on 13-14 September 2022. The theme of the event is “rethinking the boundaries of methods in health and social science research”.

Following two years of online delivery, NCRM is delighted to announce a return to in-person, live events. This innovative and cross-sector meet-up is part conference, part learning opportunity, part innovation incubator. It has been designed to re-connect and re-energise people with a focus on interdisciplinary perspectives on health and social science.

Sessions will be in three main formats:

  • Interactive Seminars
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Innovation Incubators

Complete the MethodsCon application form

Please note, MethodsCon has been designed to maximise the collaborative and creative opportunities of people being in the same physical space. To build on this, we are looking to ensure that those attending are interested in participating in one, or both, full days of participatory activities.

MethodsCon is free to attend.

The event takes place at etc.venues in central Manchester. The address is:

etc.venues Manchester
11 Portland Street
Manchester M1 3HU

Visit the Conference website here


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