Launching UKMOD Explore – policy-testing tool created by our Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis

The Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis (CeMPA) at the Institute for Social and Economic Research has launched a new ready-to-use open access web-based microsimulation model to allow anyone to test or experiment with changes to the UK tax and benefit systems.

The new, freely accessible model, UKMOD Explore, is based on the larger model, UKMOD, built by CeMPA with funding from the Nuffield Foundation.

Professor Matteo Richiardi, Director of CeMPA said: “UKMOD Explore is a web-based version of UKMOD. It is accessible to everyone without the need to register and gain access to the underlying data. It allows the creation of reform scenarios by modifying – through an intuitive web-based interface – key parameters of the tax-benefit system. UKMOD Explore then produces a fiscal overview and detailed distributional tables, allowing to compare the reform with a baseline consisting in the actual legislation for the selected year.
UKMOD Explore is available for the UK as a whole and for its 4 constituent nations and includes models for the years 2021-2021. Just click on the map, select the year of your interest and start playing with the scenarios.”

The Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis at ISER is a world-leader in creating microsimulation models and has created or contributed to models for over 20 countries as well as the internationally renowned EUROMOD which allows analysis and comparison between EU countries They are used by policy makers and governments worldwide.

Two further detailed web-based models have recently been created for Italy and Lithuania.

Read more about CeMPA’s ground-breaking work worldwide in our short publication Taking The Global View


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