Expert meeting on nowcasting and mid-term projections through microsimulation models

This international Expert meeting on Friday 16 July, hosted by the Centre for Microsimualtion and Policy Analysis at ISER, will focus on nowcasting and mid-term projections through microsimulation models and will explore best practices to update the input data of microsimulation models, with the aim to obtain timely and updated projections on income distribution and the effects of policies. This is particularly relevant in the wake of the Covid-19 employment shock and related government support policies. The meeting brings together academics, researchers in supra-national and international organisations and data providers, with expertise in tax-benefit microsimulation modelling and related data issues.

The aim of the expert meeting is to offer a forum for discussing recent advances in nowcasting techniques, allowing participants to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches, as well as data and methodological issues. The expert meeting will also facilitate networking and national and international collaborations.

The meeting is one of a series of events curated by InGrid.

Full programme details and link to register here


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