Colloquium on Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Migration

We are delighted to announce the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change’s third annual cross-institutional PhD colloquium with two expert keynote speakers, Professor Lucinda Platt and Associate Professor Kate H Choi.

The event takes place on June 21-22 and is jointly organised by the Sussex Centre for Migration Studies at the University of Sussex, the Univeristy of Kent, the University of East Anglia and the Centre for Migration Studies at the Univeristy of Essex.

Racial and ethnic inequalities, especially in health, have risen to prominence with the growing evidence of disproportionate effects of the pandemic on ethnic minorities across the globe. Many of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups in the UK and other Western countries are either descendants of immigrants or are immigrants themselves, and the current global health crisis has exposed the long-term inequalities in health, housing and labour market that migrant-origin individuals have been facing. We propose to look closer at the nexus of migration and ethnicity research and invite PGR scholars who work on either substantive or methodological issues related to ethnic inequalities of migrants and their descendants to contribute to this debate. We hope to provide a platform for a discussion that would deepen our understanding of both long-standing inequalities and the emerging new issues related to ethnic inequalities and migration.

Alongside 3 panels by promising PGR researchers from across the globe, the conference will open with a keynote lecture from Lucinda Platt (Professor of Social Policy and Sociology, Department of Social Policy, LSE), and conclude with a keynote lecture by Kate Choi (Associate Professor of Sociology at Western University, Canada and Acting Director of the Centre for Research on Social Inequality).

Further details and registration here


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