New Covid-19 research from ISER

The Institute for Social and Economic Research is working on new projects exploring different facets of the coronavirus pandemic. The wide range of work includes tools for researchers, COVID specific data and research from a range of topic experts.

A new section of the EUROMOD website has been created to catalogue new microsimulation research produced using our model and spin-off models by researchers at ISER and worldwide, including new working papers.

Professor Matteo Richiardi, Director of EUROMOD, said: ‘“As the Covid-19 crisis unfolds, EUROMOD is proving ever more useful to estimate its distributional effects, and continue to inform policy making and the public debate with timely and precious analysis. Its multi-country nature makes results for individual countries more comparable, a key feature to learn policy lessons in this crisis context.

‘In order to facilitate exchange of ideas and information, foster discussion, promote cross-country comparison and give more visibility to the work of the wide EUROMOD community, we have created this online space, where we publish pieces of analysis, news, links to media reports and relevant EUROMOD work published elsewhere, other relevant information.’ The section can be accessed here

New data has been collected from the participants of Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study, led by ISER. From April 2020 participants from our main Understanding Society sample have been asked to complete a short web-survey. This survey covers the changing impact of the pandemic on the welfare of UK individuals, families and wider communities. Participants complete a regular survey, which includes core content designed to track changes, alongside variable content adapted each month as the coronavirus situation develops.

Director of the Study, Professor Michaela Benzeval said: ‘With the current coronavirus situation in the UK, there is an even greater need for data about the experiences of the whole population. The Understanding Society COVID-19 questionnaire allows researchers to explore how the pandemic is impacting individuals, families and communities across the UK through our large and representative sample of the UK population.’

Find out more about the data and new analysis of the data here

A new section has also been created on the web pages of our ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC) cataloguing relevant new work by our research team at ISER, Essex and Bristol. Click here to be directed to this section.


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