Masterclass on integrating genetics and social sciences

Understanding Society is delighted to welcome Professor Daniel Benjamin, Director of the Behavioural and Health Genomics Center, University of Southern California, and Co-Director of the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium to lead this Masterclass on integrating genetics and the social sciences at RIBA in London on 26th April.

The Masterclass will introduce participants to the interdisciplinary field of social-science genomics. Discussion will focus on how genetic data can be usefully incorporated into social-science research, what challenges arise in social-science research, and how those challenges can be addressed.


10.00-10.15 Welcome and introduction to the workshop
Professor Michaela Benzeval, Director of Understanding Society, University of Essex
10.15-11.00 Introduction to genetics and how these data have been used in social science
Professor Daniel Benjamin
11.15-12.00 Social-science genomics research: examples and lessons learned
Professor Daniel Benjamin
12.00-12.30 Overview of genomic data available in Understanding Society
Professor Meena Kumari, Professor of Biomedical and Social Sciences,Understanding Society, University of Essex

13.30-15.00 Group activity

How would you use Genetic Data in your research?

15.15-16.30 Group activity

Present and discuss proposals

16.30-16.45 Conclusion


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