The six uses of EUROMOD underpinning the new policy ideas of preeminent economist Sir Anthony Atkinson

The preeminent economist Sir Anthony Atkinson has used EUROMOD to calculate the impacts of six of the 15 measures to reduce inequality in his new manifesto, published in his latest book “Inequality: What can be done?”

EUROMOD, ISER’s state-of-the-art tax benefit microsimulation model, was used to evaluate the redistributive effects of proposals 4, 8, 9, 12, 13 and 14.

Sir Anthony will be delivering a keynote presentation on his book at the University of Essex Economics Conference on the 12th of June.

The Atkinson Manifesto

1) State guidance of technological innovation to encourage employability of workers

2) Introduce a “distributional dimension” to economic competition policy

3) Guaranteed public employment

4) National pay policy and statutory living wage

5) Guaranteed inflation-adjusted return on savings but with maximum holding per person

6) Minimum monetary inheritances for all on reaching adulthood

7) UK sovereign wealth fund to invest in companies and property

8) 65 per cent top marginal rate of income tax

9) Earned income discount introduced for first band of earnings

10) Progressive inheritance tax on lifetime receipt of gifts

11) Progressive residential property tax

12) Return to universal child benefit, but taxable

13) Universal minimum “participation income”

14) Renewal of social insurance

15) 1% of GDP for overseas aid

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