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Professor Tarek Al Baghal Deputy Director, Understanding Society, University of Essex

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Curriculum vitae
  • Psychology of survey response and questionnaire design
  • Novel data sources and data linkage
  • Measurement of socially undesirable behaviour
  • Mixed-mode survey design
  • Measurement errors in surveys

Latest Blog Posts


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    1. The stability of mode preferences: implications for tailoring in longitudinal surveys

      Tarek Al Baghal and Jennifer Kelley

    2. Interviewer and respondent behaviours when measuring change with dependent interviewing

      Annette J├Ąckle and Tarek Al Baghal

    3. Using motivational statements in web-instrument design to reduce item-missing rates in a mixed-mode context

      Tarek Al Baghal and Peter Lynn

    4. A methodological critique of the Dignity in Dying - Populus poll of March 2015

      Tarek Al Baghal and Alexandru Cernat

      1. Public Opinion
      2. Survey Methodology
    5. Linking administrative records to surveys: differences in the correlates to consent decisions

      Tarek Al Baghal, Gundi Knies, and Jonathan Burton

      1. Education
      2. Survey Methodology
      3. Health
    6. Is vague valid? The comparative predictive validity of vague quantifiers and numeric response options

      Tarek Al Baghal

    7. Estimating support for extremism and its correlates: the case of Pakistan

      Tarek Al Baghal

      1. Public Opinion
      2. Statistical Analysis
      3. Religion
      4. Social Attitudes
      5. Social Behaviour
      6. Social Psychology
    8. Using motivational statements in web instrument design to reduce item missing rates in a mixed-mode context

      Tarek Al Baghal and Peter Lynn


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    1. Right to die rejected

    2. Poll backing assisted dying 'skewed and ambiguous': warning as MPs debate right-to-die bill

    3. Warning as MPs debate right-to-die bill

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