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Professor Matteo Richiardi EUROMOD Director, University of Essex

01206 873568
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I am a labour economist specialised in microsimulation and agent-based modelling techniques. My main areas of interests are inequality, worker insecurity, labour force participation, wage dynamics. I am in the Board of the International Microsimulation Association and I am teh Chief Editor of the International Journal of Microsimulation.

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    1. The Covid-19 crisis response helps the poor: the distributional and budgetary consequences of the UK lock-down

      Patryk Bronka, Diego Collado, and Matteo Richiardi

      1. Labour Market
      2. Economics
      3. Poverty
      4. Public Policy
      5. Welfare Benefits
      6. Income Dynamics
      7. Household Economics
      8. Health
      9. Microsimulation
      10. Finance
      11. Covid 19
    2. The drivers of income inequality in rich countries

      Brian Nolan, Matteo Richiardi, and Luis Valenzuela

      1. Science And Technology
      2. Economics
      3. Income Dynamics
      4. International Economic Relations
    3. The US labour force participation debacle: learning from the contrast with Britain

      Matteo Richiardi, Brian Nolan, and Lane Kenworthy

      1. Human Capital
      2. Demography
      3. Labour Market
      4. Economics
    4. Banks, firms, and jobs

      Fabio Berton, Sauro Mocetti, Andrea F. Presbitero, et al.

      1. Labour Market
      2. Organizations And Firms
      3. Economics
      4. Finance
    5. Female labour force projections using microsimulation for six EU countries

      Ross Richardson, Lia Pacelli, Ambra Poggi, et al.

      1. Labour Market
      2. Economics
      3. Microsimulation
    6. Editorial

      Matteo Richiardi

      1. Economics
      2. Microsimulation
    7. Agent-Based Models of the labor market

      Michael Neugart and Matteo Richiardi

      1. Econometrics
      2. Computing
      3. Mathematics
      4. Labour Market
      5. Economics


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    1. Lockdown could result in nearly seven million job losses, University of Essex study warns

    2. 6.5m jobs could be lost in UK economy due to virus lockdown, warns study

    3. Eight things you need to know about coronavirus today: more than 6.5m jobs to be lost as a result of lockdown, study predicts

    4. Nearly seven million jobs at risk if lockdown lasts for months

    5. New analysis of the impact of lockdown on UK jobs

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