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Dr Birgitta Rabe Reader, University of Essex

01206 874594
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I am an economist interested in applied research in education, family and labour economics. Some of my current and recent work includes

  • Early child development: the effect of breastfeeding on cognitive child outcomes; free child care and child attainment
  • Education and schools: effects of school resources on school attainment; sibling spillover effects in school achievement; interactions between school quality and parental investments
  • Child care and maternal labour supply
  • Migration and residential mobility

I am Topic Champion for education, family and data linkage on Understanding Society. Linked education records for Understanding Society are available, see here.

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    1. Examining home movers and how they impact on ownership and housebuilding

      Birgitta Rabe and Brian Green

    2. Moving home: wishes, expectations, and reasons

      Birgitta Rabe

      1. Area Effects
      2. Migration
      3. Housing Market
    3. Local environments

      Nick Buck and Birgitta Rabe

      1. Environmental Sociology
      2. Social Groups
      3. Area Effects
      4. Social Capital


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    5. England’s free nursery places deliver no long-term benefits, say studies

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    11. Why breast is best. With research indicating that breastfeeding could increase educational attainment, parents should more seriously consider infant nourishment

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    13. Up to nine in ten people who want to move are stuck

    14. A nation of frustrated home-movers

    15. A nation of frustrated home-movers

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