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Past events

Making the UK a good place to work - and the launch of Understanding Society's Insights 2017

Presented by: Event Chair: Vicky Pryce, economist, author and commentator Insights 2017: David Walker, Chair, Understanding Society Governing Board Headline findings on low pay and work theme: Professor Susan Harkness, Director, Understanding Society Policy Unit Is low pay a spring board to higher earnings? Conor D’Arcy, Senior Research and Policy Analyst, Resolution Foundation How can we improve low pay and insecure work in the UK? Panel and delegate discussion: Jane Gratton, Head of Business Environment and Skills, British Chambers of Commerce Paul Gregg, Professor of Economic and Social Policy, and Director of the Centre for Analysis and Social Policy, University of Bath Matthew Oakley, Social Metrics Commission and Director of WPI Economics Steve Turner, Assistant General Secretary, Unite the Union

Venue: Church House Westminster Deans Yard London SW1P 3NZ

What makes children unhappy? New research findings

Presented by: Dr Gundi Knies, Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex Dr Gill Main, University of Leeds Larissa Pople, The Children’s Society

Venue: Westminster Suite, Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ

Ethnic minorities and the British political system: new research on engagement and representation

Presented by: Dr Nicole Martin (University of Essex) - Ethnic Minority Voters in 2015: A Breakthrough for the Conservative Party? Dr Maria Sobolewska (University of Manchester) – Which ethnic minority candidates represent the views of ethnic minority constituents, and why? Dr Rebecca McKee (University of Manchester) - How MPs respond to their ethnic minority constituents. Substantive Representation of Ethnic Minorities in the UK Parliament

Venue: Council Chamber, Broadway House, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ

MiSoC Workshop: Emerging Questions in Migration Studies

Presented by: Neema Begum - Bristol, James Laurence – Manchester, David Bartram – Leicester, Silvia Galandini – Manchester, David Voas – IoE, Merlin Schaeffer – Cologne, Germany, Sarah Carol – Cologne, Germany, Hector Cebolla Boado – Madrid, Spain,

Venue: University of Essex

Launch of Understanding Society Epigenetic Data

Presented by: Professor Michaela Benzeval, Professor Meena Kumari, Professor Marcus Pembrey, Emeritus Professor of Paediatric Genetics, Great Ormond Street, Institute of Child Health and Bristol University and others

Venue: Royal Society for Public Health, 28 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD

Childcare policy, maternal employment, and the UK policy debate: examining the evidence

Presented by: Stefan Bauernschuster, Professor of Economics at the Universitat Passau (Germany) Elizabeth Cascio, Professor of Economics at Dartmouth University (US) Sarah Cattan, Senior Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies Gillian Paull, Senior Associate, Frontier Economics Natalie Perera, Head of Research, Education Policy Institute

Venue: Church House Conference Centre - Dean's Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ

Essex Applied Micro Workshop

Presented by: Steve Pudney, Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Friederike Mengel, Sule Alan, Patrick Nolen, Emilia Del Bono, Carlos Tudela, Birgitta Rabe, Angus Holford, Matthias Parey, Christoph Siemroth

Venue: Large Seminar Room, SSRC Building (ISER)

Health and Gender: Global and Economic Perspectives 23-24 September

Presented by: Gabriella Conti (UCL), Marianne Bitler (UC Davis), Sonya Krutikova (IFS), Sonia Bhalotra (Essex), Paul Hunt (Essex - Law and Human Rights), Damian Clarke (Santiago, Chile), Libertad Gonzales (UPF Barcelona), Arthi Vellore (Essex), Hanna Muhlrad (Stockholm), Mircea Trandafir (University of Southern Denmark), Casper Hansen (Copenhagen), Alison Andrew (IFS), Farah Said (Lahore School of Economics)

Venue: Large Seminar Room, SSRC Building (ISER) The University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ

EUROMOD 20th Anniversary Conference

Presented by: There will be keynote presentations from people with strong associations, past or present, with EUROMOD-related research including Tony Atkinson, Olivier Bargain, Herwig Immervoll, Andreas Peichl and Holly Sutherland. There will also be a panel session on policy uses of EUROMOD. And a party!

Venue: Essex Business School, University of Essex