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Addressing vaccine misinformation and vaccine inequalities - new evidence from British Academy research

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Dr Cara Booker will be hosting an online multidisciplinary workshop focusing on COVID vaccination on 16 March 2022, from 3pm to 5pm (UK time).

We will present the results of recent British Academy-funded research conducted in the UK and the USA in January-February 2022 looking at vaccine misinformation and inequalities.

This will be an informal meeting and there will be plenty of time to discuss. We will be welcoming a mix of academics, health practitioners and policy makers.

Please email Cara Booker if you would be interested in attending and we will send a Zoom meeting invitation. Feel free to forward the invitation to colleagues who might be interested as well.

  • 3.00pm Presentation 1 Explaining booster vaccination gap in ethnic minority groups Dr Marie Juanchich et al.

  • 3.30pm Presentation 2 Understanding and Responding to Organised Anti-Vax Activism Dr Reed Wood et al.

  • 4:00pm Presentation 3 Fostering trustworthy vaccination invitation Dr Marie Juanchich et al.

  • 4.30pm Final discussion: How can we better inform the public about vaccines and how can we increase vaccination uptake? (The discussion could also extent to other health behaviours)