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Helping charities and community groups assess how they can make a difference


Dr Neli Demireva has designed this slide deck based on her ESRC Research Centre for Micro-Social Change workshop for charities and community groups. We hope these open access resources will allow charity organisations to survey their users in the most effective way to find out both a level of need of beneficiaries and the impact of the charity or community group’s work.

These free resources are available to anyone involved in a charity or community group, and we would be very interested in any feedback you have. The resources aim to build skills within charities and community groups so that they can effectively assess need and impact.

Dr Demireva said: ‘The workshop was aimed at charities and other voluntary organisations. Its main objective was to introduce good practices in terms of survey design and discuss a variety of different survey questions aimed at capturing community cohesion and community well-being as well as a variety of community characteristics. This guide provides examples, and frequent checklists remind workshop participants of the essential elements of survey design. We hope you find the resources helpful.’

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