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Beyond averages - Fairness in an economy that works for people

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A recent study by CeMPA’s Research Fellow Dr Holguer Xavier Jara Tamayo with Dr Alberto Tumino has been showcased in a new European Commission report Beyond Averages – Fairness in an economy that works for people.

The publication includes their work on atypical work and employment protection in the EU

The report looks at growing disparities on multiple socio-economic dimensions that have contributed to a sense of unfairness and discontent in Europe.

Fairness is a subjective phenomenon, but the far-reaching consequences of perceptions of unfairness warrant a closer look at its drivers and underlying dynamics. The report, written before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, analyses some of the most pertinent dimensions of fairness in relation to the agenda for a fair, inclusive and social European Union. Income inequality, educational inequality and the challenges facing existing welfare state arrangements are discussed from a pre-crisis perspective.

The report gives a snapshot of the state of fairness in Europe before the COVID-19 outbreak and provides a benchmark against which some of the consequences of the current situation can be evaluated.

Read the report here