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What makes children unhappy? Event with What Works Centre for Wellbeing & The Children's Society

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What makes children unhappy? New research findings on economic circumstances and subjective wellbeing in childhood.

Co-hosted by the What Works Centre for Wellbeing and the Children’s Society, we presented new research by Dr Gundi Knies, Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex. Dr Gill Main, University of Leeds, Larissa Pople and Sorcha Mahoney from The Children’s Society chaired by Ingrid Abreu Scherer, followed by a panel discussion with Alison Garnham, Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group.

The event was at Broadway House, Tothill Street, Westminster on 3rd November and attended by policy makers, think tanks and charities, as well as health and education practitioners working with young people.


Does income matter for children’s happiness? Longitudinal evidence for England: Gundi Knies (University of Essex)

Fair Shares and Families: What children’s perspectives can add to our understanding of the relationship between child poverty and subjective well-being: Gill Main (University of Leeds)

Understanding Childhoods: Children’s perspectives on residential transience and money/possessions: Larissa Pope with Sorcha Mahoney (The Children’s Society)

Image credit: Anthony Cullen