European Social Science Genetics Network Conference 2023 opens in Bologna

Bologna roof tops

The second annual European Social Science Genetics Network Conference opens in Bologna today, 11 May 2023.

The Conference which is co-hosted by the ESRC Research Centre on Mirco-Social Change at the University of Essex and the European Research Council (GENPOP, DENNI, GEPSI) at the University of Bologna, aims to improve our understanding of how genetic endowments and environmental circumstances shape life choices and outcomes across the life-course of individuals.

Keynote speakers include Professor Kathryn Paige Harden and Professor Nicole Soranzo .

The conference was preceded by a PhD training session.

Read the programme of the Conference here

Professor Meena Kumari and Professor Leo Schalwyck are in conversation about Genes and Society and their work at the intersection of biology and social science in this Louder Than Words podcast


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