Dr Angus Holford appointed to the UK Government Evaluation & Trial Advice Panel

Dr Angus Holford, Senior Research Fellow at ISER,  has been appointed to the UK Government Evaluation & Trial Advice Panel (ETAP) to support the design and delivery of robust, high-quality evaluation across government.

Managed by the Evaluation Task Force, the Panel provides free advice to government departments and What Works Centres when designing evaluations. Since its launch in 2015, the Panel has advised on over 160 programmes and policies, spanning a range of policy areas including crime, education, employment and more. 

Dr Holford joins the Panel as part of the next term of panel members. The appointment is for 2 years, commencing 1st March 2023, with the opportunity to extend for an additional year. 

Dr Holford said:

“Well-designed and implemented trials and evaluations should be at the heart of the evidence base for new or revised government policies, helping deliver value-for-money and producing the best possible conditions for inclusive economic growth and societal welfare. I’m delighted that the ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change, ISER, and Essex will be contributing to that process through my participation as an Evaluation and Trial Advice Panellist.”

For more information and examples of ETAP’s work, see here.


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