Why can’t we close the gender pay gap? New research evidence presented at online policy event

Our ESRC Research Centre on Micro-Social Change will be hosting an online policy discussion event, presenting new research on the gender pay gap, and debating the potential policy responses, on 31 March, 11am-12.45pm

The event will be chaired by Gillian Unsworth, Head of Gender and Workplace Equality at the Cabinet Office.

There will be three short research presentations from leading academics in the field, highlighting new evidence on the gender pay gap. These will be:

Dr Silvia Avram & Dr Daria Popova (ISER, Essex), with Professor Susan Harkness (Bristol): Are women with families paying the price for a lack of mobility? Quantitative and qualitative gender differences in job mobility and how these influence pay

Dr Francesca Foliano (UCL) : How did the gender pay gap change over the last fifty years? Evidence from within and across birth cohorts

Professor Roland Rathelot, (ENSAE Paris): How much do women pay for shorter commutes? Evidence from France

Following the presentations there will be a panel discussion with policy experts and campaigners, on the current policy direction and how this research might inform further progress, with panellists including:


  • Josie Irwin (Women’s Officer, Unison)
  • Anna Ritchie Allan (Chief Executive, Close The Gap)
  • Jemima Olchawski (Chief Executive, Fawcett Society)
  • Zubaida Haque (Chief Executive, The Equality Trust)

Please register here to join this event


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