Celebrating ISER’s 30th Anniversary at the British Academy

We celebrated ISER’s 30th anniversary with a special conference on Innovations in Examining Inequalities in Society at the British Academy in London on 9th December 2019.

Six of our researchers presented some of our most recent research innovations, and we were joined by guest speakers including Professor Bobby Duffy, Chair of the Campaign for Social Science, Professor Alison Park, Director of Research at the Economic and Social Research Council and Professor James Banks from the University of Manchester, for discussions on the impact of ISER’s research innovations on evidence for policy-making and on our future priorities for research into inequalities.

We were joined by our founding Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Martin Harris, the University of Essex Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Christine Raines, and eminent guests from ISER’s past for a drinks reception in the beautiful Mall Room, commemorating three decades since the inception of the UK’s first interdisciplinary centre for social and economic research at the University of Essex.



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