Coalition: Devil’s pact or dream match? Dimbleby chairs panel discussion with leading academics from University of Essex

A prestigious panel of leading academics from the University of Essex’s world-leading social science departments will be discussing life in the UK under the Coalition government, with an audience of policy-makers, social commentators and key alumni as part of a programme of events celebrating the University’s 50th anniversary.

Renowned broadcaster David Dimbleby will chair an evening discussion at 7pm on 3 February 2015 with an expert panel of leading Essex academics as they consider the real impact of the Coalition. What difference did it make? Who were the winners and losers? What is the future for UK politics?

Professor Paul Whiteley from the Government Department – ranked number 1 in the UK for politics – Professor Eric Smith from Economics, Professor Diane Elson from Sociology and Professor Shamit Saggar, Professor of Public Policy at ISER will be asked how the UK has changed since May 2010 and whether we really were all in it together.

To attend please contact


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