Young people in the recovery: from false starts to rewarding careers

Dr. Mark Bryan

We will be presenting new research from our project looking at the labour market during and after the recession, at Young people in the recovery: from false starts to rewarding careers on Wednesday, 04 June 2014 at the
The Work Foundation.


•Mark Bryan, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex

•Alberto Tumino, Senior Research Officer, Institute for Social and Economic Research

•Lizzie Crowley, Head of Youth Unemployment Programmes, The Work Foundation

•Geraint Johnes, Director, The Work Foundation (chair)

The recovery has finally started to have a positive impact on the youth labour market, yet policy makers must not be complacent. We know from previous recessions that a period of unemployment for a young person can have a profound negative impact on their future career. Young unemployed people are more likely to experience spells of unemployment and lower earnings later in their careers.

Unless we support young people to overcome the disadvantage associated with entering the labour market in a recession, both young people and society as a whole will suffer.

This event will present our new research on the impacts of high unemployment on young people’s educational aspirations and decisions, and their subsequent experiences in the labour market. It will bring together a forward thinking group of policy makers, academics and business leaders to discuss the research and set out how we can ensure that this generation does not suffer the long-term consequences that young people have faced following previous recessions.

Key questions:

The event will consider the policy implications of this insightful research, and will ask:

What would we do differently in future recessions?
What does this mean for policies to enhance social mobility?
How do we minimise long term wage scarring and future spells of unemployment?

Read Dr Mark Bryan’s blog for The Work Foundation on the new findings.

This event is invitation only, please contact for more details.


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