ISER’s international partnership with $20 million centre at University of Queensland

ISER is to play a significant role in the prestigious $20 million The ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course announced for the University of Queensland, Australia.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course will be an international academic collaboration, with 32 Chief Investigators, Partner Investigators, and Associate Investigators and 21 Partner Organisations.

ISER Director, Professor Heather Laurie MBE will be one of the International Partner Investigators and the University of Essex will be a partner organisation.

Centre Director Professor Janeen Baxter said the Centre had been established at the ideal time.

“As little as five years ago this research could not have been undertaken in Australia as there was insufficient data going back across generations,”

“Now the longitudinal data collections have matured to the point that research of this nature can be performed in this country. The Centre will tackle the problem of deep and persistent disadvantage, which is characterised by the spread of social and economic poverty within families and across generations despite overall improvements in the broader society. We will seize this opportunity and work with our partners to make a real difference in the lives of Australian children and families."

The Australian Research Council has awarded the $20 million in funding for the Life Course Centre over seven years.

The centre will comprise of:

  • 9 Australian Chief Investigators:
    Janeen Baxter (UQ), Stephen Zubrick (UWA), Deb Cobb-Clark (UoM), Mark Western (UQ), Lorraine Mazerolle (UQ), Matt Sanders (UQ), Colm Harmon (USyd), Michele Haynes (UQ), David Lawrence (UWA)
  • 12 Australian and international Partner Investigators:
    Greg Duncan (UCI), Miles Corak (Ottawa), Jean Yeung (NUS), Rebekah Coley (BC), Adrian Raine (Penn), Jane Elliot (IOE), David Weisburd (HUJI), Arnaud Chevalier (RHUL), Orla Doyle (UCD), Heather Laurie (Essex), Helen Rogers (FaHCSIA), Fadwa Al Yaman (AIHW)
  • 11 Associate Investigators:
    Guyonne Kalb (UoM), Chris Ryan (UoM), Kathy Edin (Harvard), Ariel Kalil (Chicago), Bobbi Wolfe (Wisconsin), Janet Currie (Princeton), David Farrington (Cambridge), Rob Sampson (Harvard), Larry Sherman (Cambridge), Fiona Steele (Bristol), Harvey Goldstein (Bristol)

Partner Organisations:

  • 4 Australian universities: UQ, UoM, UWA and USyd
  • 10 international universities:
    U California Irvine, U Ottawa, National U Singapore, Boston College, U Pennsylvania, Inst. of Education London, Hebrew U of Jerusalem, Royal Holloway U of London, U College Dublin, U Essex)
  • 5 Australian government agencies:
  • 2 Australian non-government organisations:
    Brotherhood of St Laurence, Wesley Mission Brisbane


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