Podcast series voted in UK top 20

ISER’s Research Podcast Series has been awarded 6th place in the top 20 UK not-for-profit podcasts in a prestigious European competition.

The Initiative European Podcast Award is a project that promotes European thoughts and cultural diversity. Judged by a jury of native speakers, as well as voting through the internet, podcasts from 11 countries and in 4 categories were entered.

ISER’s Research Podcast Series, which is accessible via the website and also via iTunes, was established in 2010 as a creative and accessible way of communicating important and interesting research findings. Its format is designed to be similar to a mid morning or afternoon radio programme with interviews carried out with researchers by former BBC journalist Chris Garrington.

Chris said:

“I think ISER can be very proud of being awarded a place in the top 20 UK podcasts. I think this award is great recognition of how hard ISER works to make its research accessible and interesting to as wide an audience as possible. ”

To date 30 podcasts have been produced on subjects as diverse as the take-up of free school meals, how British is the UK, the benefits of scheduled versus on-demand breastfeeding and who saves for retirement.


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