Programme announced for EUROMOD Bucharest microsimulation workshop

The programme has been announced for the next EUROMOD microsimulation workshop, which will take place in Bucharest on October 11 -12.

EUROMOD is a multi-country European wide microsimulation model, designed to produce results that are comparable across countries and meaningful when aggregated to the EU level.

This is an opportunity for academics and policy makers interested in cross-national research on tax and benefits and their effects on income distribution and work incentives, to meet and discuss applications of EUROMOD and other microsimulation models. Key speakers include Olivier Bargain, Professor of Economics at Aix-Marseille School of Economics, and Visiting Research Fellow at IZA, Germany, who will present ‘Fiscal Union in Europe: efficiency, equity and the stabilizing effects of an EU-wide income tax system’.

Registration is free and open until 28 August.


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