NEW Studentships available for 2012

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Studying at ISER

A range of outstanding fully-funded study opportunities are now available at ISER for study beginning in October 2012.

ISER offers four research degrees and four taught Masters degrees in a stimulating and supportive research environment. It also has additional study opportunities linked to its world-class research programme and an exciting new collaborative studentship with UNUM UK.

Studentships can be offered on a 1+3 or +3 basis and applications are made through the University of Essex Doctoral Training Centre.

Fort more details of all the study opportunities at ISER check out the study section of our website and the University of Essex Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) web pages. Once you have read all the information available, if you would like to speak to a student or to our Graduate Director, Maria Iacovou, contact her directly or submit an enquiry through our website.

Applications for research degrees should be made through the DTC by February 29. Applications for Masters Degrees should be made through ISER’s partner Departments, Sociology, Economics and Health and Human Sciences.


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