ISER research features in Festival of Social Science events

Heather Laurie being interviewed by BBC Essex

BBC Essex presenter Ian Wyatt interviewing Heather Laurie

ISER Director Heather Laurie kicked off a week of special social science events at the University of Essex this week with an interview on BBC Essex talking about why Essex is the top ranked university for social science research.

ESRC Festival of Social Science
The interview was the first in a series starting today featuring a diverse range of research from the University’s social science faculty. The radio interviews and many other events are all part of the national Festival of Social Science organised by the Economic and Social Research Council

The aim of the Festival is to demonstrate the many ways in which social science makes a difference – from shaping public policy to making the economy more competitive. From big ideas to the most detailed observations, social science affects us all every day – at work, in school, raising our children and within our communities.

University of Essex social science researchers will be talking to Dave Monk on BBC Essex every day (around 9am) during the Festival on the topics of bullying (referring to early findings from ISER’s Understanding Society survey, dialect change, school meals, breastfeeding, the British Election Study and language learning. Every day we’ll be posting a question related to the research on the University’s Facebook and Twitter @Uni_of_Essex pages

ISER will also be sharing and discussing some of its research about young people with the Youth Advisory Board of London Youth this Wednesday in a specially organised event for the Festival.

Listen to Heather Laurie’s interview on iPlayer

Listen to Aaron Balick from the University’s Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies talking about recent research about bullying from Understanding Society

Read about all the other Festival of Social Science events going on at the University


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