Another top economist joins ISER

Just days after announcing that Mike Brewer is to join ISER from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, ISER is announcing another top economics appointment in Adeline Delavande.

Adeline, an Assistant Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics in Portugal and an Economist at the RAND Corporation (USA), has accepted a Professorship in Economics and will join ISER in September.

Her research focuses on methodological issues in the elicitation of probabilistic expectations in developed and developing countries, and
on the use of subjective expectations data to improve inference on individual choice behavior related to health and retirement planning.
She has considerable experience in survey design and is currently involved in data collection in India, Pakistan and Malawi. She is
currently working on projects analysing contraception choice among US youth, the determinants of risky behavior in high-HIV prevalence
environments, and school choice in Pakistan.

She said:

“I’m thrilled to join the cutting-edge multidisciplinary research environment that ISER offers. I am looking forward to fruitful collaborations with staff at ISER and the University and with graduate students. I hope to contribute to the research environment with an
agenda focusing on both survey design and substantive areas such as > health, economic development and demography.”


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